bloody cave

Current Work

Stone Hole is a new collaborative exhibition of large digital photographs by Crispin Hughes and a timelapse film by Susi Arnott, made in tidal sea-caves along the shoreline of North Cornwall. Originally shown at the Photofusion Gallery in late 2009, the show will tour to Peninsula Arts in Plymouth in January 2011.

Hughes’ interest initially began as a response to the work of Patinir and the Quattrocento religious painters who depicted caves as small domestic stages for the personal dramas of the saints, their demons and mortifications.

Hughes and Arnott set about working in real sea-caves, only accessible at certain times of the tide. During this time, a series of medical experiences transformed the project into a more intense reflection on bodily states, the mind and our perceptions of the world and ourselves.

Stone Hole challenges conventions in art that link landscape with beauty, the sublime and moral uplift, and is concerned with human and geological flux and dissolution.

There is a website to accompany the show here

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