Silver Photogram Workshop

Susi Arnott and I ran a photogram workshop for 250 people as part of an Elements evening at the Wellcome Collection. We turned a conference room into a huge darkroom where volunteer chemists explained silver’s role in analogue photography. Visitors could make images using what they had in their pockets, or had brought along especially, but the team brought objects along too.

Susi Arnott

Photograms have an interesting history as well as chemistry. Read our information sheet here: Photograms History Chemistry Art


Comma by Susi Arnott

Collaboration with film-maker Susi Arnott has included commissions for NGOs and participatory projects, as well as gallery work. ‘Comma’ is a film Susi made inspired by her work with Professor Andrea Sella of University College London, with whom I’m also working later this year. We hope to bring all three minds to bear on a joint project soon.


‘Comma’ by Susi Arnott